Published March 2, 2020 | Version v1
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Report on the results of the Implementation Challenge (Deliverable 1.4)

  • 1. Edelweiss Connect GmbH
  • 2. Universiteit Maastricht
  • 3. National Technical University of Athens
  • 4. Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz
  • 5. Informatics Matters Limited
  • 6. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • 7. Uppsala Universitet


The Implementation Challenge was created to select external tools and services, especially in areas of risk assessment, not completely covered by the OpenRiskNet consortium, to be prioritised for their integration into the e-infrastructure. Third parties could apply for financial and technical support offered by OpenRiskNet partners. The selection was made by the scientific advisory board. The winners were asked to become an OpenRiskNet associated partner. The selection criteria included the tools which were complementary to the tools from within the consortium, the Technology Readiness Level (TRL), availability of APIs and other technical requirements. In total, 14 applications (20 tools or services) were received, while 10 applications (12 tools or services) were awarded and entered in the associated programme and the implementation process.


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