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Published January 25, 2020 | Version v1
Dataset Open

Analysis of whitelisted URLs in Jammu and Kashmir, order dated 18 January 2020

  • 1. The Bachchao Project
  • 2. The Takshashila Institution


This dataset contains an analysis of a whitelist comprising 153 entries issued by the Home Department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir on 18 January 2020 [Order number: Home-04 (TSTS) of 2020], a copy of which may be accessed here. The department issued an order with the accompanying whitelist in response to a Supreme Court judgement dated 10 January 2020 (Anuradha Bhasin vs. Union of Indian and Ors.) that directed the Government of India to review the blanket suspension of Internet services in Jammu and Kashmir since 5 August 2019.

This preliminary analysis was conducted by Rohini Lakshané and Prateek Waghre on 22 and 23 January 2020 IST, to empirically determine whether the whitelisted websites and services would be practically usable for an ordinary resident of Jammu and Kashmir at the time of writing.

A Chrome browser extension was used to simulate access to only those URLs that are mentioned in the government order. A detailed description of the method, its limitations, and the full analysis of the findings will be published soon.

For information on how to read this dataset, refer to the tab entitled "About this sheet". A numerical summary of the findings of this analysis is present in the tab entitled "Summary of findings".

Data is provided AS-IS, without warranty as to accuracy or completeness.

This dataset has been released under the Creative Commons-Attribution-Share Alike (CC-BY-SA) 4.0 International License.

All uses of the accompanying data and modifications and derivatives thereof must contain the following attribution: "By Rohini Lakshané and Prateek Waghre (2020)".


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