Published January 9, 2020 | Version v1
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D10.3 - Initial version of NanoCommons Sustainability Plan

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  • 2. University of Birmingham
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During the first year of the project a strategy was developed for ensuring sustainability of the NanoCommons research infrastructure and including the tools and services developed during and beyond the current project funding lifetime. A key aspect of this ongoing activity is identification of the market needs and business planning to address these needs. A process was put in place to develop the sustainable business plans, including a timescale for undertaking the supporting conversations with the market.

An initial sustainability plan was established including a range of options that will be analysed further and road-tested with potential users, and a process has been outlined to develop these plans further and test their feasibility through community and market engagement. The second year of the project will focus on further fleshing out and road-testing the various aspects of the business plan. In particular, industry case studies and use cases of industrial and business relevance are being identified and elaborated, so as to identify matches between real industrial needs and solutions that can be developed and provided within the NanoCommons framework and context.


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