Published December 19, 2019 | Version v1
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Observing the collimation and acceleration region of AGN jets with the GMVA+ALMA at 3 mm


  • 1. MPIfR, Bonn


The inclusion of beamformed ALMA in the Global Millimetre VLBI Array (GMVA) has enhanced the 3-mm network with a factor 2-3 in resolution in the North-South direction, a duplication of the sensitivity, and an important enhancement also in image fidelity. Submilliarcsecond resolution imaging in Band 3 does not only provide key information about the scattering pattern and the innermost morphology of Sgr A*, but also reveals the structure and profile of the regions where jets collimate and accelerate from the central powering super massive black hole, and provides invaluable priors for complementary observations at a shorter wavelength, also including beamformed ALMA. The GMVA has performed observations together with ALMA in Cycle 4 (targets were Sgr A*, 3C 273, and OJ 287), Cycle 5 (Sgr A*, M 87, 3C 279, 3C 273, and OJ 287), and Cycle 6 (3C 345, OJ 287, OR -017). We will present selected highlights from these results and discuss the scientific and observing opportunities open for the near .



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