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Large-scale analysis of grooming in modern social networks

  • 1. University of Piraeus, Data Centric
  • 2. University of Piraeus


We provide a large-scale dataset of the messages exchanged publicly by the streamers and viewers during the live broadcasts of users identified as adult content producers from the LiveMe platform, a major Social Live Streaming Service (SLSS). The dataset comprises 39,382,838 chat messages exchanged by 1,428,284 users, in the context of 293,271 live broadcasts during a period of approximately two years, from July 2016 to June 2018. The analysis of this dataset can be found in our paper "Large-scale analysis of grooming in modern social networks" (arXiv:2004.08205 [cs.SI]).



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Preprint: arXiv:2004.08205 (arXiv)


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