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Lynx D2.5 Report on Lynx acquired vocabularies

  • 1. K Dictionaries
  • 2. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • 3. TILDE
  • 4. UNIZAR
  • 1. K Dictionaries
  • 2. Semantic Web Company


This deliverable constitutes the final report on the vocabulary resources collected and generated in the Lynx project, coverןמע both general language and legal terminology. It is part of Work Package 2, which is concerned with the acquisition and management of linguistic data for Lynx, and includes the process followed for )a) the identification of existing language resources (corpora, dictionaries, glossaries, thesauri, terminologies, ontologies) of interest for the domains covered in the project; (b) the adaptation of resources coming from Lynx partners; and )c) the creation of language resources to cover the specific needs of Lynx use cases (when such data sources did not exist or were not freely available). Both types of legal and general vocabularies play a vital role in the Legal Knowledge Graph that is at the heart of Lynx, to enable and facilitate its multilingual services.

The existing vocabularies ensue mainly from two Lynx partners (TILDE and KD), along with some open access terminological resources in particular, and are complemented by resources specifically created to meet business case needs. This process has met with considerable success so far, as shown by the number and quality of vocabularies reported upon in this document, and will be enhanced, if necessary, in the context of WP3 (service development) and WP5 (pilots), where language resources are going to be used. The aim is to further reinforce, enhance and improve the legal knowledge services provided by Lynx, and align more closely with its three use case partners. The Lynx partners would thus be able to offer and assure yet higher standards for its linguistic infrastructure regarding both general language and legal terminology.


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