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Ease Access to Climate Simulations for Researchers: IS-ENES climate4impact


Easier access to climate data is very important for the climate change impact communities. To fulfill this objective, the climate4impact ( web portal and services has been developed in the EU funded IS-ENES projects, targeting climate change impact modellers, impact and adaptation consultants, as well as other experts using climate change data. It provides to users harmonized access to climate model data through tailored services. One of the main objectives of climate4impact is to provide standardized web services and tools that are reusable in other portals. These services include web processing services, web coverage services and web mapping services (WPS, WCS and WMS). Tailored portals can be targeted to specific communities and/or countries/regions while making use of those services. Recently, it became obvious that to fulfill users' needs regarding on-demand data processing and calculations, the C4I platform had to be able to use existing research and e-infrastructures in order to offer scalable and flexible services. It also had to be developed in a containerized and modular approach so that it could accommodate easily heterogeneous systems. In that context of processing delegation, a robust approach for provenance and lineage is needed.


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