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Published November 14, 2019 | Version v1
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AdvanCT EURAMET project, Southampton XCT scan data, NPL sample, fast scan

  • 1. University of Southampton


AdvanCT EURAMET project, Southampton XCT scan data, NPL sample, slow scan


NPL phantom - aluminium

Data acquisition system: Custom Nikon metrology custom x-ray tomography system

Detector: PerkinElmer XRD 1621 CN3 – HS, 2000x2000 pixels, 200 μm2 pixel size.

Nikon 225kVp reflection target microfocus source

134ms exposure per frame, 90kVp, 113 μA, 3143 projections, 7 minutes, no shuttling, continuous scanning mode  

S2O: 255.781982421875

S2D: 895.7496


Funded through EURAMET EMPIR Joint Research Project AdvanCT - 17IND08



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