Published December 31, 2015 | Version v1
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Influence of Television Commercials on Child Psychology

  • 1. Depatment of Business Administration, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi Pakistan


This study investigates the influence of advertising and its impact on children psychology in Pakistan. It is also the main purpose of this empirical study is to examine the impact of specific objective is to see the causes of advertisement affecting on children psychology in a positive and negative sense both. Literature Review Reveals that children psychology plays a great role in selling of product through advertisement. Advertisement is the backbone for the company and product. As it is statically prove that through advertisement children are adopting the product. Now a day’s child plays a vital role in society in increasing sales of the product and advertisement are more influencing on children. Targeted Population was parents and children and sample size was 201. To achieve the objectives primary data was collected through questionnaire and non-random sampling method was used. This study is limited to parents and children of few areas


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