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Published September 25, 2019 | Version v4-0-g8505cfd
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Carving out the low surface brightness universe with NoiseChisel

  • 1. Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias


Automatic reproducible paper pipeline for the paper titled "Carving out the low surface brightness universe with NoiseChisel" (invited talk) in the Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), Symposium 355 on "The Realm of the Low Surface Brightness Universe" (arXiv:1909.11230).

For more on reproducing this result, please see the file in the reproduce-* files. Generally, this paper was written using the "Reproducible paper template" (also see these slides).

Below is a description of the contents. Note that the version string v4-0-g8505cfd is from Git (from the commit 8505cfd). The full Git history (possibly including modifications after this publication), please see the project's Git repository on Gitlab.

  • paper-v4-0-g8505cfd.pdf: The PDF of the submitted paper (prior to edition by the proceedings editors).
  • reproduce-git.bundle: The Git history of the project until this version that is bundled into one file. To un-bundle it into a full Git repository, please run this command git clone reproduce-git.bundle.
  • reproduce-v4-0-g8505cfd.tar.gz: A snapshot/checkout of the published pipeline's raw (plain text) source, that doesn't need Git to open and read/inspect.
  • software-v4-0-g8505cfd.tar.gz: Tarballs/source-code of all the software that were used in this project.

The Creative Commons copyright mentioned in the Zenodo webpage is only applicable to files that don't have an explicit copyright within them. The copyright of other files (mainly scripts and software) is mentioned within them (all are free licenses, primarily the GNU General Public License v3+).

For any issues with the pipeline/processing, please contact Mohammad Akhlaghi.



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Preprint: arXiv:1909.11230 (arXiv)


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