Published July 31, 2019 | Version 1
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REEEM-D2.2c_Innovation Readiness Level Report - Energy Efficiency in Buildings



In the framework of the REEEM project, three Innovation Readiness Level (IRL) reports are developed focusing on three groups of energy technologies. This report is the third and final IRL assessment, dedicated the buildings’ energy efficiency technologies. The report particularly focuses on solar roof tiles (as advanced roofing material), heat pumps, and wood fibre insulation material. The technologies are from different groups of energy efficiency technologies and with different maturity status in order to provide a wider picture of the energy efficiency market.

This report will be complemented by the REEEM Technology and Innovation roadmap on the energy efficiency of buildings, submitted in July 2019.


REEEM-D2.2c_Innovation Readiness Level Report - Energy Efficiency in Buildings.pdf

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