Published July 8, 2019 | Version v1
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The superbug and the personalized phage : 7 discourses they don't want you to hear !

  • 1. Une fabrique de communs Lab


The discourse - Foucault - produced by government agencies and medias about The superbug and the personalized phage is very, very surprising. The more we analyse it, the more we find extravagant discourse : weird discourse, unreal discourse, bizarre discourse, etc. 
In the former paper " Why millions ... " we explained the "why" of this production of invented stuff : there is a too serious confusion between factory paradigm and garage paradigm.

Here we present the true discourse about The superbug and personalized phage in one page.
Then seven pages are necessary to describe how weird discourse, unreal discourse, bizarre discourse are build and what is the truth hidden behind.


The superbug and the phage _ 7 discourses they don’t want you to hear !.pdf