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Visualisation materials and tools available for MR1 development

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Visualization materials, and other tools, that can assist operators and other stakeholders in developing Management Plan Recommendations (MPRs), are an important part of each case study in the FarFish project, as well as for the outcome of the project. The visualization tools will give information on important biological, ecological, economic and social issues that can be relevant for the MPR1 development and give information on potential effects of MPR1 implementation (what if? scenarios). For the project to be successful, as with any project of relevance, it is of utter importance to make sure that complex issues and concepts are broken down for additional understanding. This will lay the path for increased stakeholder involvement and will provide additional tools so that the co-creation is successful. It is said that “picture is worth a thousand words”. It is important to remember that sometimes visualization is the only way for successful dissemination of results. The visualization materials and other tools that will be available for the MPR1 development are likely to be "imperfect" given the timing, but will nevertheless provide important input to developing an applicable MPR alternative. The tools are likely to consist mainly of static maps and charts, as well as simple GIS. In this deliverable we list the possible visualization materials that are and can be available within the FarFish project. Both ideas and concrete examples will be listed on the use of visualisation tools for enhanced understanding and better use of the data created within the project.


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