Published January 31, 2019 | Version v1
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PARTHENOS D5.7 Report on the Integration of Reference Resources


This document forms the final report on the activities within PARTHENOS WP5 in collaboration with WP4 to adopt such a vocabulary management strategy and to identify high level standardised vocabularies for use in the data integration activities into the Joint Resource Registry carried out by WP6. This document first outlines the basic strategy adopted for vocabulary management in the PARTHENOS project and then provides an analytic presentation of the vocabularies deemed necessary for management of data at the level of the RI. It then goes on to look at the specific research activity to find and identify the best available standards for vocabularies at the level defined by the PARTHENOS Entities, the management and tracking of information regarding datasets, software, services, projects and people, as the set of objects of interest for management at an infrastructural and cross-infrastructure level.

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D5.7 Report on the Integration of Reference Resources - Final.pdf

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