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BrainIAK Tutorials: Condensed Datasets


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  • 1. Princeton University


This is a collection of datasets used by BrainIAK tutorials. These datasets are pre-processed and ready to use. They have been condensed, by reducing the number of subjects from the original studies, to keep the file size small. Each tutorial is paired with a dataset as listed below. The file contains the data for all the tutorials, and in unzipped form uses 18GB of space. If you wish to download data for specific tutorials, use the list below to find the correct dataset to download and use.

Tutorial 2:  VDC (Kim et al., 2017) and 02-data-handling (this is a simulated dataset)

Tutorials 3-5: VDC  (Kim et al., 2017)

Tutorial 6: Ninety Six (Kriegeskorte et al., 2008)

Tutorials 7: Face-scene (Turk-Browne et al., 2012). The script for within subject searchlight uses the VDC dataset.

Tutorial 9: Face-scene (Turk-Browne et al., 2012)

Tutorial 8: Latatt (Hutchinson et al., 2016)

Tutorial 10: Pieman2 (Simony et al., 2016)

Tutorial 11: Raider (Haxby et al., 2011) and Pieman2 (Simony et al., 2016)

Tutorial 12: Sherlock_processed (Chen et al., 2017)


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