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Published March 4, 2019 | Version v0.2
Software Open

arbor-sim/arbor: Arbor Library v0.2


Arbor library version 0.2, tagged as v0.2 at Arbor Git: v0.2

Arbor is a library for implementing performance portable network simulations of multi-compartment neuron models.

An installation guide and library documentation are available online at Read the Docs.

Submit a ticket if you have any questions or want help.

Some key features include:

  • Optimized back ends for CUDA, KNL, AVX2, ARM NEON intrinsics.
  • Asynchronous spike exchange that overlaps compute and communication.
  • Efficient sampling of voltage and current on all back ends.
  • Efficient implementation of all features on GPU.
  • Reporting of memory and energy consumption (when available on platform).
  • An API for addition of new cell types, e.g. LIF and Poisson spike generators.

Change Log

Changes since v0.1:

  • A new Hines matrix solver back end for the GPU that parallelises over cell branches, not cells, to increase the amount of parallelism. See #631.
  • Support for describing and simulating electrical gap junctions. See #661 #686.
  • An additional library libarborenv is now installed with useful helper functionality for managing the environment (e.g. detecting the number of available CPU cores). See #679.
  • Detection and allocation of GPUs to MPI ranks on systems with more than one GPU per node in libarborenv. See #659 and #654.
  • The miniapp example was removed and replaced with a simple single cell model that shows how to use morphologies. See #703 and #710.
  • Support for ARM NEON intrinsics. See #698.
  • Basic Python support. Full Python support is slated for v0.3. See #668.


Nora Abi Akar John Biddiscombe Benjamin Cumming Felix Huber Marko Kabic Vasileios Karakasis Wouter Klijn Anne Küsters Alexander Peyser Stuart Yates


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