Published August 22, 2018 | Version 1.0
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D3.1 SDN/NFV environment in the home network Definition, description and preliminary implementation of the IoRL home network

  • 1. NCSRD
  • 2. Eurescom GmbH
  • 3. Brunel University
  • 4. Joada
  • 5. Warsaw University of Technology
  • 6. Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS
  • 7. Leicester University
  • 8. Tsinghua University


The internet of radio light (IoRL) home network is described together with its architectural design using software defined network (SDN), network function virtualisation (NFV) and virtual network function (VNF) virtualisation technologies jointly to support the identified use cases, implementation scenarios and fifth generation (5G) key performance indicators (KPIs). The preliminary testbed on which the IoRL home network will be implemented and tested is introduced and evaluated using practical scenarios and measures.


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IoRL – Internet of Radio Light 761992
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