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Fully functional support infrastructure (Deliverable 3.3)

  • 1. Uppsala Universitet
  • 2. Douglas Connect
  • 3. University Of Birmingham
  • 4. Informatics Matters Ltd.


OpenRiskNet is developing an e-infrastructure for predictive toxicology and safety assessment (of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials etc.) in the form of virtual research environments (VREs) and data, analysis and modelling services coming from the consortium but also from third parties, which can be deployed to these. This deliverable describes the support functions set up and how they were customised for specific user groups. Due to its specific purpose of being an infrastructure where public and commercial services are offered to the community,  OpenRiskNet services different types of users and roles, which can be grouped into:

  • End users (e.g. members of academia, industry, and regulatory agencies) who are defined as users who log into an OpenRiskNet VRE and consume one or more services or applications

  • Developers who are involved in developing or setting up parts of the OpenRiskNet VRE, such as middleware, frameworks, data, or tools packaged as services or applications; in the latter case also referred to as tool provider

  • System administrators, who are in charge of creating and managing the OpenShift environment for the VRE and deploying the basic services.  

We note that there will in many cases be an overlap between these roles, so that e.g. a Developer might also play the role of a System Administrator, but we will use these definitions in this document for clarity.

For all these users, we provide user-driven website content, a virtual help desk and an issue tracker for technical matters and case study related information as well as an option for feature requests, all structured around specific user roles. The helpdesk offers frequently asked questions (FAQ), a Getting Started guide, and a way to ask questions in the form of filing support tickets, which are serviced by specific OpenRiskNet staff responsible for handling and delegating issues. Additionally, a wiki specifically designed for developers, service providers and system administrators is provided with information on the deployment of the infrastructure and the development of OpenRiskNet-compliant services A newly established services catalogue offers functionalities that integrate the services description with training and user support. The support infrastructure is fully functional and in operation. A set of Key Performance Indicators are proposed, including the statistics so far. An updated status report on the KPIs will be included in the next relevant deliverables.

The direct access to different support functionalities:

The website homepage ( offers a single entry point access to all these functionalities in a simple and user friendly manner.


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