Published October 31, 2018 | Version v1
Project deliverable Open

PARTHENOS D7.4 Report on the assessment of Transnational Access activities in participating projects

  • 1. NIOD-KNAW
  • 2. TCD
  • 3. CSIC
  • 1. TCD
  • 2. PIN
  • 3. CNR
  • 4. EHRI
  • 5. CLARIN
  • 6. CSIC
  • 7. FORTH


This Deliverable (7.4) reports on the implementation of Transnational Access (TNA) activities within participating Research Infrastructure (RI) projects (CENDARI, ARIADNE, IPERION-CH, EHRI, CLARIN) of the PARTHENOS cluster, examining how the goals underpinning TNA as a requirement for Research Infrastructures compare to the experiences of RI project management and TNA project users. Best practices for organising a TNA programme as well as barriers that RIs, project users and potential project users encountered are presented with strategic recommendations proposed for possible adjustments to TNA as an ‘enacted concept’ for all barriers at play at a policy-making level.

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