Published January 16, 2019 | Version V1.0
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Community Feedback on the Separation Kernel Protection Profile Draft

  • 1. University of Rostock
  • 2. ATSEC Information Security GmbH
  • 3. Epoche & Espri
  • 4. SYSGO AG


This white paper is reporting on interoperability aspects of the Common Criteria Base Separation Kernel Protection Profile (PP) draft. This paper captures the results of the collaboration on PP interoperability organised by University of Rostock in Task 9.2. It reports how the PP draft can be applied to the separation kernels of MILS platform providers and how well the PP draft addresses requirements of users such as system integrators. Previously, the WP 2 has created a PP with additional modules. To make the proposed PP most accessible to all potential stakeholders in the MILS domain and the Separation Kernel application domain, WP 9 proposed to gather feedback from the community for integration into the PP draft.
The activities being discussed resemble mostly the Common Criteria User Forum presentations and its community involvement. Beyond that, certification bodies and a few known consortium contacts were directly contacted and invited to provide feedback. The questions asked, as well as the accumulated answers are presented.
The white paper closes with a discussion on the continued improvement of the PP for proposed acceptance and adoption.



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