Published November 20, 2016 | Version v1
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Simulation Software for "Cognition-mediated Evolution of Low-Quality Floral Nectars"


The folder "VBA_macros" contains Visual Basic for Applications macros for running selection algorithms on "Selection..." files (with data from full experimental runs of  nectar-feeding bats visiting a number of artificial flowers, uploaded at xxxx). The Macros have to be started from within MS Excel (>=2007).
The folder "ExploitationSim" contains a C# project for running simulations of virtual bats visiting a population of virtual flowers, according to the same selection algorithms implemented in "SelectionMacro.xlsm". In order to run the program a suitable compiler (e.g. MS Visual Studio) and Open XML SDK >= 2.0 ( are needed. The output is saved in the folder "ExploitationSim\Exploitation\bin\Debug".

1. The file "SelectionMacro.xlsm" contains a macro that implements a selection algorithm applied to any of the "Selection" files to assign virtual genotypes to each of the flowers, then simulate pollen transfer and seed generation, and finally select seeds to become the new generation of flowers. For more information, see instructions in spreadsheet  "Instructions and Explanations" within the file "SelectionMacro.xlsm".

2. The file "PopulationMacro.xslm" contains macros that create a new parental generation of flowers according to given specifications or take a filial generation of flowers and  randomly distribute them on the positions of the flower array. For more information, see instructions in spreadsheet  "Instructions" within the file "PopulationMacro.xlsm".


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