Published July 3, 2018 | Version v00
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INTEGRAL light curves of GRB150101B detected by SPI-ACS and IBIS/PICsIT


  • 1. IAPS-INAF


We have analyzed archival INTEGRAL data of the SPI-ACS and IBIS/PICsIT in coincidence with GRB 150101B (GCN 17267, GCN 17276) due to the recent results from Troja et al. (2018, arXiv:1806.10624) in which they suggest that GRB 150101B is a kilonova event comparable to GW170817/GRB170817A, but at cosmological distance and without the observations of a gravitational-wave trigger. 

We confirm the independent detection by SPI-ACS and IBIS/PICsIT of a short duration (~0.012 sec) event, consistent with that reported in Troja et al.. The signal in SPI-ACS (75 keV-10 MeV) and in IBIS/PICsIT (200 keV-1.2 MeV) has a S/N of 5.1, and 4.2, respectively.



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