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Modeling of aerosol optical properties with MOPSMAP: Fortran program with data set

  • 1. University of Vienna
  • 2. LMU Munich


MOPSMAP consists of a data set of pre-calculated optical properties of single particles, a flexible Fortran program to calculate the properties of user-defined particle ensembles, and an intuitive web interface for online calculations. Besides spherical particles, also spheroids and some irregular particle shapes are currently available.

MOPSMAP is described in a GMD paper.

The web interface is provided at

Here you may download the Fortran program and the data set for offline applications such as sensitivity studies.

Instructions on how to install the offline application are provided at

Publications or other works using MOPSMAP results are requested to include a reference to our GMD paper. Furthermore, it should be taken into consideration whether publications cited in this paper need to be cited as well.



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