Published July 10, 2024 | Version v1
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Multilingual Capabilities of AI-Driven Research Assistants: Investigating the Precision of Retrieval of Non-English Language Searches

  • 1. ROR icon Czech Academy of Sciences, Oriental Institute


In the ever-expanding landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the multilingual capabilities of AI-driven research assistants is one area that needs further exploration. As the scholarly community increasingly recognizes the potential of AI potential, librarians are looking what these AI-driven research assistants can bring to research practices. The Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences continues to adopt to transformation in its interdisciplinary exploration of the history, culture, religions, and languages of Asia and North Africa and the Middle East; there emerges a growing recognition of the imperative to integrate cutting-edge AI tools in the library to enhance research support.

This study explores the impact of AI-driven research assistants, particularly, Semantic Scholar, Elicit, ResearchRabbit app, and, on the accuracy of information retrieval in non-English language. In disciplines marked by linguistic diversity, the ability to conduct precise and efficient searches is helpful to enrich research. Utilizing a qualitative descriptive approach, this researcher will begin by identifying pertinent research questions and key terms within the timeframe of January 15 to February 15, 2024. The selection will be based on the potential research queries relevant to the ongoing work of researchers at the institute. It will begin with clearly defined criteria that constitute a "relevant" result followed by an analysis of the retrieved results for each query. Subsequently, coding, categorization, and thematic analysis will be made. Implications of language and cultural factors will be included in the analysis.

This research will share insights and practical implications associated with the utilization of AI-driven research assistants in non-English language searches. As libraries endeavor to be at the forefront of technological advancements, the exploration of innovative approaches to enhance research support services exemplifies the library's commitment to serving an interconnected knowledge society.


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