Published July 9, 2024 | Version v1
Journal article Open

"Paghimud-os": Personal Experiences of Grade 1 Teachers in Blended Learning Modality




The main purpose of this study is to unveil the experiences of Grade 1 teachers during the implementation of blended learning modality whenever there is an extreme heat index advisory that inhibits the learners to be physically in school because of its threat to their health and to the teachers alike. To present this research, phenomenological design and purposeful sampling was employed. This study was conducted in Cluster 2, District of EB Magalona, Negros Occidental Division. Ten (10) Grade 1 teachers who have been teaching from 5 years and up were interviewed. To gather the qualitative data, this study used the semi-structured method of an in-depth interview using an interview guide. Results showed that participants have positive experiences which are categorized into innovation, creativity and adaptability. They also have negative experiences in terms of student engagement, attendance and physical and emotional aspects. The participants employed traditional methods in providing learning materials and modern methods that include communication, technology and flexibility. The participants’ remarkable experiences were categorized as self-motivation for adaptation, resourcefulness and resilience and driven by environmental factors such as parental and community involvement.


Keywords: heat index, blended learning, adaptability


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