Published July 8, 2024 | Version v1
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Virtual Communication: use, abuse and addictions in Social Networks.


Seventeen years ago that social networks entered the scene, first with Friendster and MySpace, then with Facebook in 2004; but it was not until the appearance and subsequent massification of smartphones between 2008 and 2010, that social networks became ubiquitous. Today we are talking about digital marketing, influencers, new business models based on big data and the number of "clicks", changes in social paradigms and new types of addiction. But, do we really understand what social networks are and how they affect us? Do we know its true scope? In this article, we will address the main issues of the digital world and we will know some of the possible interpretations that social networks cause in our lives, and it aims to discuss the causes and effects of addiction to social networks, the positive and negative consequences that result of addiction and analyzes the measures taken to stop all the effects that addiction brings in our daily lives.


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