Published July 4, 2024 | Version v1.3
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Stone Soup


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Fixed bugs

Documentation updates

  • Add iterated module to documentation #964 (spike-dstl)
  • Example of Ensemble Kalman filter with Out-Of-Sequence measurements #915 (A-acuto)
  • Adding an example showing inverse-time dynamics method to deal with OOSM #940 (A-acuto)
  • Adding an example showing how to deal with OOSM using a buffer of measurements #939 (A-acuto)
  • Adding an example showing Particle filter algorithm with OOSM #965 (A-acuto)
  • Example of data measurement fusion from two sensors, performance comparison #862 (A-acuto)
  • Adding an example comparing Particle filters and kalman filters using track fusion #875 (A-acuto)
  • Add 3D plotting example #983 (mharris-dstl)
  • Add repo CITATION file #987 (sdhiscocks)
  • Create subfolder structure for examples #994 (sdhiscocks)
  • Improve thumbnails in example gallery #996 (sdhiscocks)
  • Fixes for Sphinx 7.3 and sphinx-gallery 0.16 #998 (sdhiscocks)
  • Fix issue with nested sections TOC tree in documentation #1003 (sdhiscocks)
  • Adding an example showing an explicit MHT application using MFA components #954 (A-acuto)
  • Adding an example of extended object tracking (EOT) #969 (A-acuto)
  • Add download link to OpenSky Demo CSV and full links to icons #1051 (sdhiscocks)

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