Published July 2, 2024 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Special Education: Challenges Faced by Teachers in the Philippines




This qualitative study explores the issues and challenges faced by special education teachers in the Philippines. Through interviews with teachers, several key themes emerged. Firstly, inadequate teacher training and professional development hindered effective instruction for students with disabilities. Limited access to resources and support materials was identified as a significant barrier, leading to the need for curriculum modification. Parental acceptance and involvement were crucial but often challenging, impacting collaboration between teachers and parents. Additionally, teachers emphasized the importance of individualized teaching approaches and student support to meet diverse learning needs. Despite these challenges, teachers demonstrated dedication to supporting students' growth and enhancing their skills. Addressing these issues is essential for improving the quality of special education programs and ensuring the success of students with disabilities. This study underscores the need for comprehensive training, resource allocation, and collaborative efforts to create inclusive environments for students with special needs.


Keywords: special education, Philippines, challenges, teacher perspectives, teacher training, resources


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