Published July 1, 2024 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Exploring the Experiences of Novice Academic Heads



This study explores the experiences of novice academic heads in school leadership roles, focusing on the challenges they encounter and the support mechanisms crucial for their success. The findings reveal that novice leaders often face overwhelming administrative responsibilities and resistance from faculty, compounded by a lack of formal preparation and training specific to their new roles. These challenges are particularly pronounced in private schools where professional development opportunities are limited. Mentorship and networking emerged as vital support structures that significantly enhance the confidence and competence of novice academic heads, providing guidance on essential leadership areas and fostering a sense of community. Based on these findings, recommendations include the implementation of comprehensive induction programs covering both theoretical and practical aspects of school leadership. Continuous professional development opportunities are essential to keep academic heads abreast of current educational practices. Effective succession planning is also emphasized to ensure a steady pipeline of qualified leaders. Cultivating a supportive leadership culture within schools through collaboration and continuous improvement is critical for the professional growth and success of novice academic heads, ultimately contributing to school improvement initiatives.

Keywords: school leadership, mentorship, professional development, succession planning, educational administration


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