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Historical development of legal regulation in the business sector in the Middle East, in the period: 1950-1999


The main objective of the article is to study the historical development of legal regulation of business in the Middle East over a certain period of time. For this purpose, the object of study is the historical period from the beginning of 1950 to 1999. Thus, the scientific task is to consider how the business sector in the Middle East developed and evolved throughout the twentieth century. Thus, the research methodology involves the use of the historical method and the method of hermeneutics. These methods contributed to the key findings of the study. As a result, the historical development of the legal regulation of the business sector
in the Middle East was carried out. The author’s view of the key historical stages of business regulation in a particular country is characterized and presented. It was pointed out which specific laws were created, which policies were introduced and which were the main regulated companies of that period. However, the study is limited by considering only one country in the Middle East - Jordan. Prospects for future research suggest taking into account the 21st century according to its characteristics.


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