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From Research to Action: Mapping FACCE-JPI's Policy Document Footprint


Since 2010, FACCE-JPI has united 24 participating countries in a collective effort to build an integrated European Research Area focused on the interconnected challenges of food security, agriculture, and climate change. The research funded by FACCE-JPI aims to amplify the collective impact of European research on society by fostering a shared vision, aligning research priorities, and promoting coherence. This approach seeks to reduce duplication, increase visibility, and enhance overall impact, including the contribution to policy formulation based on scientific evidence.
FACCE’s scientific accomplishments amount to:
• 21 Joint Research Actions
• 170 Research Projects
• A total of 978 scientific publications resulting from these projects documented in the FACCE Project Wheel
Target 3 of the FACCE-JPI Monitoring and Evaluation Framework document is to improve the societal impact on the challenge of food security, agriculture and climate change. While the present document is not meant to report on T3 achievements, it aims to provide a non-exhaustive benchmark analysis of how FACCE’s research has been cited in policy documents by governments, think tanks, and policymakers across Europe (and the world), and to provide an overview of FACCE’s achievements connecting legislators and researchers.


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