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The number of reading books prepared according to language levels for teaching Turkish as a second or foreign language is low. Consequently, there is a need for either artificial (fictional) texts created by language teachers for language instruction or original texts with literary value that best reflect the target language and culture. However, it is not possible to use original texts in teaching Turkish as a second or foreign language without applying text adaptation techniques and adapting the text to various language levels. In this context, text adaptation becomes crucial. Text adaptation involves adjusting an original text to align with language levels based on specific criteria. The scarcity of reading books and text adaptation studies for teaching Turkish as a second or foreign language highlights the need for more such studies. Therefore, incorporating original texts into the teaching process through text adaptation is essential and necessary for the acquisition and development of reading skills. Given this importance and need, this study aims to adapt Mustafa Kutlu's story "Rüzgârın Oğlu" to suit A2 level learners of Turkish as a second or foreign language through text adaptation processes. The study employs a qualitative research method, collecting data through document analysis. Mustafa Kutlu's "Rüzgârın Oğlu" was adapted to the A2 level. To ensure the reliability of the adapted text, the opinions of five experts were sought, and the final version of the text was produced based on their feedback. Additionally, to determine the suitability and usability of the adapted text for A2 level learners, the opinions of thirteen learners were gathered, and their text comprehension levels were examined. Learners evaluated the adapted text as appropriate for the A2 level and were able to answer the comprehension questions. In conclusion, this study successfully adapted Mustafa Kutlu's "Rüzgârın Oğlu" to the A2 level, demonstrating that adapted text can be effectively used at this language level.


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