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Attitudes towards the target language are one of the affective elements that have the power to direct the process of whether learners learn that language or not, because the individual's learning motivation is determined by his attitude towards the foreign language. Many factors affect learners' attitudes towards the target language, such as age, gender, individual differences, life experiences, learning method, teaching environment, awareness of the language, and instructor. The aim of this study is to determine the attitudes of Kazakh students who learn Turkish as a foreign/second language towards Turkish. For this purpose, the "Attitude Towards Turkish as a Target Language" scale was applied to Kazakh learners, and the obtained data was analyzed using the descriptive scanning model, one of the quantitative methods. The study includes A2-C1 level Kazakh learners who learned Turkish as a foreign/second language and Kazakh learners who have completed their Turkish learning process. 114 people participated in the research, 43 of whom were studying at universities in Turkey and 71 of whom were learning Turkish in courses in Kazakhstan. As a result of the data obtained, the attitudes of the learners were analyzed through SPSS 22.0. Reviews was done by taking into account the variables of the learners' gender, age, language level, and the country where they learned Turkish. In line with the data obtained, it was seen that the gender variable did not make a significant difference in the attitude towards the target language. It has been determined that the attitudes of older learners, who learned Turkish as a second language and who have completed the Turkish education process, towards the target language are positive. In the light of all these evaluations, suggestions have been presented to positively improve the attitudes of Kazakh learners towards learning Turkish and reduce their concerns.


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