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Operating scenarios for testing Automated Driving Systems in challenging conditions

  • 1. ROR icon Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
  • 2. ROR icon RWTH Aachen University
  • 3. ROR icon VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • 4. Stellantis


During planning of a prototype automated driving system's (ADS) testing, the operating  scenarios of the systems to be tested are usually described in an abstract, linguistic  way as a function of the system's Operational Design Domain (ODD). In this paper, a  methodology for operating scenarios definition that integrates ODD conditions under  focus, as developed in the European project Hi-Drive, will be presented. For this pur pose, two sub-types of ODD specification will be considered for testing the integration 
of a Hi-Drive enabler technology in the ADS under test: a) the ODD for testing “AD performance”, in which we test if higher AD performance and prolonged AD usage can  be achieved under nominal ODD conditions and b) an extended ODD for testing “AD availability”, where additional challenging operating conditions are tested which extend  the nominal ODD of the AD system under test. 


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