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Raw images from: Detecting life by behavior, the overlooked sensitivity of behavioral assays

  • 1. Hula Research Center
  • 2. Tel-Hai Academic College
  • 3. ROR icon University of Minnesota


Raw images of the manuscript entitle: "Detecting life by behavior, the overlooked sensitivity of behavioral assays"

Description: Using a magnetotactic bacterial species, Magnetospirillum magneticum, we conduct a lab sensitivity experiment comparing PCR with the hanging drop behavioral assay, using a dilution series.


1.-Gel image resulted from the Magnetospirillum magneticum PCR assays. 

2.-Microphotographs of Magnetospirillum magneticum obtained using the hanging drop technique and serial dilution. 

3.-Videos 1 to 4.Environmental samples were taken from Agmon Hula lake, (33° 10′ N 35° 60′ E). We used the HDT (see main MS) to morphologically identify magnetotactic bacterial species.



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Israel Science Foundation