Published May 24, 2024 | Version v8
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Confidentiality Report EU PPP for IUCLID 6 v8.0.2 Report Generator

  • 1. European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)


Version v8

This version of reports corresponds to default reports introduced in IUCLID 6 v8.0.2 (May 2024).

This zip package contains the templates to be used by the Report Generator tool in IUCLID 6 v8.0.1 and higher to generate a report containing the full list of confidentiality claims made by the applicant for a plant protection product (PPP) dossier. 

To run the report, first upload it in the Report Manager tool of IUCLID and follow the indicated instructions; then go to your PPP dossier, click on Report Generator and select your uploaded reportThe recommended stylesheet for this report is landscape mode - an example is included in this publication (CSV does not require a stylesheet).


Changes in v8 include:

  • new version has been adapted to be compatible with IUCLID 6 v8.0.1




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