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Published May 15, 2024 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Learning Gaps and Proficiency Levels in Science Specialized Subjects of Senior High School Students in Surigao City, Philippines


This study examines the learning gaps and proficiency levels in science-specialized subjects among grade 12 Senior High School STEM students at St. Paul University Surigao. The goal is to identify areas of weakness and develop targeted interventions to enhance students' understanding and academic achievement. A cross-sectional design and purposive sampling technique are employed to assess multiple subjects simultaneously. Diagnostic and post-tests are conducted, and statistical measures are used for analysis. The findings indicate varying levels of mastery and learning gaps in specific topics, highlighting the need for targeted interventions. The study emphasizes the importance of effective instructional strategies, considering factors like gender and learning approaches, and utilizing interventions such as the Mastery Learning Approach and Learning Management Systems. The results provide valuable insights for educators, curriculum developers, and policymakers to enhance science education at St. Paul University Surigao. Recommendations include establishing support programs, providing professional development for educators, and allocating resources for a comprehensive science curriculum integrating technology. Implementation of these recommendations can create a supportive and inclusive learning environment, ultimately improving the quality of science education at the institution.


_Learning Gaps and Proficiency Levels in Science Specialized Subjects of Senior High School Students .pdf