Published May 3, 2024 | Version 1.2.0
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Global Dataset of Cyber Incidents V.1.2


The dataset contains data on 2889 cyber incidents between 01.01.2000 and 02.05.2024 using 60 variables, including the start date, names and categories of receivers along with names and categories of initiators. The database was compiled as part of the European Repository of Cyber Incidents (EuRepoC) project.

EuRepoC gathers, codes, and analyses publicly available information from over 200 sources and 600 Twitter accounts daily to report on dynamic trends in the global, and particularly the European, cyber threat environment.

For more information on the scope and data collection methodology see:

Codebook available here

Information about each file:

Global Database (csv or xlsx):
This file includes all variables coded for each incident, organised such that one row corresponds to one incident - our main unit of investigation. Where multiple codes are present for a single variable for a single incident, these are separated with semi-colons within the same cell.

Receiver Dataset (csv):
In this file, the data of affected entities and individuals (receivers) is restructured to facilitate analysis. Each cell contains only a single code, with the data "unpacked" across multiple rows. Thus, a single incident can span several rows, identifiable through the unique identifier assigned to each incident (incident_id). 

Attribution Dataset (csv):
This file follows a similar approach to the receiver dataset. The attribution data is "unpacked" over several rows, allowing each cell to contain only one code. Here too, a single incident may occupy several rows, with the unique identifier enabling easy tracking of each incident (incident_id). In addition, some attributions may also have multiple possible codes for one variable, these are also "unpacked" over several rows, with the attribution_id enabling to track each attribution.

eurepoc_global_database_1.2 (json):
This file contains the whole database in JSON format. 



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