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Published January 1, 2023 | Version v1
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Sustainable Design Decisions for Circularity – a Challenge


Considerable importance and responsibility are attached to the issue of design in the shift towards circularity. Environmental implications throughout the product life cycle must be anticipated in the design phase in order to enable the products to have second and third lives. A large number of theoretical concepts and 'design for X' action instructions for sustainable product development have emerged in recent years. The implementation of the theoretical approaches in design practice would be an important step towards promoting circular practices. There is a large gap here. The objective of this paper is to contribute towards closing the gap between theory and design practice by analysing, contextualising and translating the existing theoretical action instructions for low-threshold use in design practice, with a focus on the design of textile products. An initial graphical visualisation of the findings for design practice, a 'design decision tree', subsumes the findings from the literature search and analysis in a new, product-centric form. This overview can be used to determine which decisions can be taken when and by whom in order to promote product circularity. Detailed and networked action instructions enable designers to utilise their creative freedom in the interests of sustainability in practice, in line with science-based concepts and criteria. In the next step, the first version of the design decision tree will be tested using practical case studies from industry.


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