Published March 25, 2024 | Version v4
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SMBC-NZP/MigConnectivity: v0.4.7

  • 1. U.S. Geological Survey
  • 2. Vermont Center for Ecostudies


In version 0.4 we added new functions:

  • estTransition estimates transition probabilities (psi) from banding/ringing data or any combination of geolocator, telemetry, genetics, and isotope data, with location error on either side of transition
  • estStrength estimates MC from previously estimated transition probabilities (from any source) and relative abundances
    The existing function estMC still does some of these things, but we will cease active development on it now.
  • calcTransition: Calculate maximum-likelihood Ψ (transition probabilities between regions in two phases of the annual cycle) without estimating uncertainty or accounting for potential assignment error (e.g., from geolocators). If there are no CMR data, Ψ is proportional to the number of observed animals in each combination of origin and target regions. If there are CMR data, the function accounts for possible differences in reencounter probability.
  • reverseTransition: Reverse Ψ and R (origin relative abundances) estimates to calculate or estimate target site to origin site transition probabilities (Γ), target region relative abundances (W), and origin/target site combination probabilities (Π).
  • simCMRData: Simulate capture-mark-reencounter (CMR) migratory movement data.
  • simGLData: Simulate geolocator (GL) migratory movement data.
  • simProbData: Simulate Dirichlet-based probability table data.
  • simTelemetryData: Simulate telemetry/GPS migratory movement data.

We also added basic plotting of MC and psi estimates and clearer output from printing estimates. In addition, we updated the package to work with sf spatial data. Several bugs were fixed. We made several edits for flexibility and speed.


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