Published March 28, 2024 | Version 2.0
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Strategy Paper of the NanoMedicine-Austria Technology Platform

  • 1. UMIT TIROL - Private University for Health Sciences and Health Technology
  • 2. ROR icon University of Graz
  • 3. ScienceConsult - DI Thomas Mohr KG
  • 4. ROR icon Medical University of Graz
  • 5. BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN)


This document describes the strategic plans and position of the Austrian Technology Platform for Nanomedicine, NM-AT, and outlines its vision and mission, core topics, goals and activities. It serves as a strategic basis for the further development of the platform and explains how NM-AT is structured and how interested organizations and individuals can get involved and interact.

Nanomedicine is the branch of medicine that uses the knowledge and tools of nanotechnology for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The use of nanoscale materials enables a better understanding of biological processes in the human body by focusing on the molecular and nanometric level and providing insights into tissue and cellular mechanisms that could not be studied by conventional means. Nanomedicine thus raises high expectations for better, more efficient and affordable healthcare for millions of patients and promises new solutions to improve medical treatment.
Still, nanomedicine faces various challenges, such as nano-specific characterization, the controlled manufacturing of nanoproducts especially during upscaling, or regulatory challenges due to the lack of nano-specific standards. To overcome these challenges and fully exploit the great potential of nanomedical applications, multidisciplinary collaboration between different stakeholders is required.

NM-AT brings together bio- and nanomedicine experts with the aim of increasing the visibility of nanomedicine as a benchmark for research and innovation, and promoting excellent basic and applied research to strengthen the transfer of nanomedical applications from the lab to clinical practice. It is an open platform that any interested organization or expert can join at any time, provided that the necessary expertise and interest in the platform is available.


The NM-AT Chairs and the Platform Coordinator would like to thank all supporters who provided input and feedback during the development of this strategy paper.



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