Published November 1, 2023 | Version v1
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Capitalismo y cibernetica en la era de la tecnovigilancia


The chapter aim is to analyze, from a critical perspective, the alleged inextricable link between the capitalist system and cybernetic science in the global information and communication system, which is based on a mutual purpose: to shape a biopolitical project of domination. While there is a widespread illusion that technological progress invigorates the democratic foundations of society, it has been shaping in fact a rhizomatic paradigm of “biopower”, which seeks to algorithmically design societies and individuals as part of a broader politics of organization and knowledge of life. Considering its omnipresent computer architecture, the power of cybernetic capitalism has only just grown extending the surveillance of bodies to their own environments. Thus, there are practically no longer inaccessible spaces in which to exercise control, giving rise to novel relations of domination.


capitalismo y cibernetica en la era de la tecnovigilancia. Ferrer, Cabrera.pdf