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Dispilio. Supplementary Information for Maczkowski et al., Absolute dating of the European Neolithic using the 5259 BC rapid 14C excursion

  • 1. University of Bern
  • 2. University of Arizona
  • 3. University of Thessaloniki
  • 4. ETH Zurich


Supplementary Material for the paper "Absolute dating of the European Neolithic using the 5259 BC rapid 14C excursion":


Supplementary Information includes OxCal code, wiggle-matching output, photographs of the Neolithic juniper wood samples analysed, photographs of the tree-ring sampling for annual radiocarbon, photographs of modern tree-ring analogues, supplementary text on the data presented in the article, as well as the tree-ring width measurements in Heidelberg format (.fh).

Supplementary Data 1-2 includes spreadsheets with all the new raw radiocarbon data presented in the article, the associated uncertainties and ring numbers.

Supplementary Data 3 includes the R code and the source data used for the generation of Figures 3 and 5 in the main article text, as well as the OxCal code used for the wiggle-matching of annual 14C in OxCal as presented in Fiugre 5

The latest version of the Supplementary Material is just an expanded version of the first, files have been renamed according to editorial guidlines, few extra figures, OxCal code, and extra information added after the review process. No changes were made to any of the data published online in the initial version of the Supplementary Material.


File renaming from last version:

Supplementary Material = Supplementary Information

Supplementary Material S1 = Supplementary Note 1

Supplementary Material S2 = Supplementary Figures

Supplementary Material S3 = Supplementary Note 2

Supplementary Table T1 = Supplementary Data 1-2

Supplementary Material S4 = Supplementary Data 3




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