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CMIP AR7 Fast Track consultation results

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CMIP is continuing to evolve into a more continuous approach with small targeted “fast track” experiment sets, in addition to the DECK and the growing number of Community MIPs. The CMIP fast tracks are designed as a compact set of experiments including the DECK and selected experiments from Community MIPs that will support specific needs. The first fast track will respond to the needs of IPCC AR7. 

In September 2023 the Strategic Ensemble Design (SED) Task Team provided a first proposed set of Fast Track experiments after discussions with the Task Team members, stakeholders and MIPs. Two rounds of consultation followed. The results of all consultations can be found in the presentations on this page.

v1 Consultation

The first version of the AR7 Fast Track was shared with CMIP modelling centres.

v2 Consultation

The second version of the AR7 Fast Track was shared in two simltaneous consultations:

  1. A second round of modelling centre consultation.
  2. An open community consultation.



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