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An Investigative Study on the Impact of OTT Platform on the Youth of India


This is a research paper studying the proliferation of over  OTT platforms and how it has fundamentally transformed the landscape of media consumption, providing unparalleled convenience and an extensive library of audio-visual content accessible without traditional cable or satellite. This phenomenon has gained momentum globally with increasing numbers of individuals, particularly young adults and, students, embracing OTT services for their convenience to get a diverse list of programming, like  movies and TV shows. However, alongside convenience and variety, concern have arisen regarding the potential societal impacts of OTT platform, particularly concerning the portrayal of uncensored content and it's influence on the attitude and behavior of youth. This research paper seeks to delve into the multifaceted effects of OTT platform, specifically focusing on their impact on the young demographic in india. The study aims to address several research questions, including the perception of undergraduates towards OTT platform, the adoption and usage pattern of these platforms among Indian and the implication of OTT Content consumption on student’s mental health and socialization. Employing a quantitative research design, data will be conducted through structured survey and questionnaire distributed among a sample students. The research methodology will involve both primary and secondary data sources, with statistical tools such as Correlation analysis, and we used the descriptive statistic method  Ethical consideration, including informed consent and confidentiality measures, will be rigorously upheld throughout the research purpose. The scope of the study extends beyond mere quantitative analysis aiming to provide a comprehensive sociological analysis of the implication of OTT platform usage among the youth in india. By examining consumers preferences, trends and attitude towards OTT adoption, the study seeks to shed light on the broader socio-culture ramifications of the growing prominence of OTT platform in Indian media landscape.


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