Published December 28, 2022 | Version v1
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Technological design of integrated seismic and energy retrofit interventions within the e-SAFE project

  • 1. Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Catania


This paper presents some of the first results of the EU-founded Horizon 2020 innovation project called e-SAFE. One of the main goal of the project is the developement of innovative technological solutions for the renovation of reinforced concrete framed buildings with the aim to decrease their seismic vulnerability and primary energy demand. These solutions include the e-PANEL and e-CLT tecnologies, which consist of wood-based panels to be added to the outer walls of the building to encrease its thermal performance and seismic resistance. These panels are studied to be completely prefabricated in order to reduce the onsite activities. They are also applied without the need of scaffolding, resulting in minimal disturbance for the occupants.
The proposed approach is applied to a residential building of the Istituto Autonomo Case Popolari (IACP) in Catania that was selected as pilot building within the project.
The paper shows the outcomes of the technological design of the panels, their prototyping and design application to the case study, which are preparatory to the upcoming renovation works.


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