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H2020 ENODISE: UTWE Configuration A Experimental Databases with Mitigation

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This database contains the datasets for the aeroacoustic experiments conducted at the University of Twente on the H2020 ENODISE project, Task 6.1 (experimental databases with mitigation), Configuration A1 - Wall mounted.

Configuration A1 consists of a propeller ingesting a zero-pressure-gradient boundary layer. Far-field acoustics are measured using two microphone arrays, to assess directivity and sound pressure levels. Different treatments are used at the flat plate underneath the propeller to attenuate the noise reflected by the plate. Two main strategies are analyzed:  tuned quarter-wavelength resonator arrays - to reduce tonal noise - and a broadband noise absorber (metal foam). The quarter-wavelength resonator arrays are tested in different geometrical distributions.  

That forms part of deliverables D6.4, D6.5, and D6.6 - see reports for further information regarding measurement techniques. Included are descriptive READMEs. The data is in the HDF5 format and comprises mean, spectral, and other processed data types in engineering units. CAD files are also added, to properly describe the setup and its components.


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