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  • 1. Professor in the school of Medicine, College of Health sciences, Wachemo University, Hosanna, Ethiopia


There are those who are skeptical that the monitoring and
training programs will be able to meet the requirements for
originality and creativity, and there are also others who do not
believe that this level of attention at the PhD level is enough. A
dispute is taking place between these two groups of individuals on
whether or not the criteria will be met. The lack of a clearly defined
process for acquiring a doctoral degree has resulted in the
emergence of criteria that are not compatible with one another for
the purpose of receiving medical supervision. For the sake of my
examination, however, the word "Ph.D." was meant to relate to
research education and creative growth in a particular subject
area or issue (rather than being a broad higher degree that
transcends the Master's level, as Doncaster and Lester, 2002 define
it). my was my intention. The investigation was carried out in this
manner to guarantee that it was carried out in the most
appropriate manner feasible. There are certain actions that need to
be completed in order to fulfill the criteria of the investigative
process. In order for students to get certification in this method,
they are required to travel in order to do research. When it comes
to the qualities that are necessary to be qualified for funding from a
reputable funding source, just a small percentage of those who
apply for a PhD satisfy those requirements. The fact is that this is
the case despite the fact that there are several options available to
students for financing their education. It is necessary for a

substantial number of students to have expectations about the
therapy they will get in order for them to be considered paying
customers, which means that they are persons who are paying a
considerable amount of money for professional services.



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