Published March 13, 2024 | Version 2.2.4
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binary_c V2.2.4 with binary_c-python V1.0.0 on Kubuntu (Linux) desktop


The binary_c software framework models the evolution of single, binary and multiple stars, including stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis. It is desgined for stellar population calculations, so is lightweight and versatile, and its support software contains tools for development and data analysis. binary_c is happy in standalone, virtual and HPC environments. Builds on LinuxOSX and WSL.

This is version 2.2.4 of binary_c, with binary_c-python 1.0.0, installed on Kubuntu desktop running a Linux kernel. Many useful tools are pre-installed, such as GCC, Clang, meson, ninja, valgrind, emacs, GSL, kcachegrind, gdb, gnuplot, and Jupyter so you can run binary_c-python's notebooks. Also included are commands to run either the latest stable versions or master versions straight from the gitlab repository.


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  • User: binary_c
  • Password: binary_c

The virtual machine is compressed with xzip, so you will need to decompress it before use.


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