Published March 9, 2024 | Version v2
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Kidnapping and National Security in Nigeria


The paper examined Kidnapping and National Security in Nigeria. The paper argued that there are some objective conditions which have led to kidnapping, and unless such objective conditions are curbed or totally eliminated, kidnapping would continue to threaten national security in Nigeria. The frustration-Aggression theory was used as analytical construct. One of the major assumptions of the theory is that when people are unable to achieve their expected goals or live a fulfilled life, they become frustrated and aggressive. Secondary sources of data were relied on in this paper. One of the findings in this paper is that due to harsh economic realities like unemployment and poverty, most people in Nigeria have resorted to kidnapping as a means of eking out a living and enhancing their social status. The paper recommended, among others, that Nigerian government should create economic activities which can engage its citizens for a fruitful livelihood devoid of criminalities like kidnapping in Nigeria.


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